May 24For Sale: Fabric & Wallpaper Remnants

Hi! I recently finished having some pillows and chairs made for my living room and have several remnants I’d love to sell! I also have a bit of wallpaper left over from my breakfast nook. I purchased all of these items through a designer as they are mostly available “to the trade.” Please note a few things:

-All measurements are taken to the next smallest inch. For example 16.5″ remnant is listed at 16″.
-There may be slight fraying on some edges.
-There may be chalk marking along some edges.
-The seam may not be 100% straight. Measurements listed are to the shortest edge.
-Shipping will be based on how fast you’d like to receive the remnant and your location.

If you have any questions, please ask!


Simply stunning! This fabric works well with these remnants because it’s hard to match up the seams due to the pattern. Perfect sizes for two small lumbar pillows.
Designer: Romo
Collection: Mirabel
Pattern: Anis
Color: Cactus
Content: 100% Linen

15″ x 33″ $40
16″ x 22″ $30
16″ x 23″ $30
16″ x 31″ $40


Two remnants absolutely perfect for one pillow!
Designer: Duralee
Pattern: 15155- 369
Color: Gunmetal
Content: 70% Cotton, 17% Rayon, 13% Polyester

Size: 18″ x 21″ $18
Size: 18″ x 21″ $18


Designer: P. Kaufmann
Pattern: Slick
Color: Chartreuse
Content: 100% Cotton

Size: 26″ x 53″ $35

Beautiful, sturdy weave! A pillow made from it would look beautiful on a graphic chair or sofa.
Designer: Pindler & Pindler
Pattern: Pearson
Color: Graphite
Content: 100% Cotton

Size: 13″ x 21″ $15
Size: 13″ x 21″ $15
Size: 17″ x 23″ $18
Size: 17″ x 23″ $18
Size: 19″ x 35″ $25
Size: 20″ x 25″ $20

This would be great in the back of a bookcase or framed! It’s beautiful in person!
Designer: Schumacher
Pattern: Chenonceau
Color: Charcoal

Size: 21″ x 88″ $60
Size: 22 x 27″ $25
Size: 26 x 27″ $28
Size: 27″ x 31″ $30




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